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Why the world race?

About me




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Serving opportunities

At the start of the pandemic, I had graduated from college and began a struggle of what it means to place God at the core of my individual identity. During this period I was reminded of my heart for people and knew that I wanted to go love and serve God's people wherever I can. 

Through many different roads, I was called to this trip, and I decided to be faithful and apply.

This trip is over a period of 11 months and we will have many serving opportunities in every country. We will be going to Spain, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, South Asia and Thailand.

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There are many ways you can support me in this time of growth and support raising.


  • If you wish to donate towards my trip or equipment, scroll down. 

  • Keep me in your prayers as I grow with the Lord and face new challenges.

  • Follow my instagram and blog accounts to see what I am up to. (click the orange words)

  • Stay in touch! If you wish to know more you   can reach me at

There are many serving opportunities on The World Race. Some of them include the following:

Evangelism, community outreach, church planting, children's ministry, unreached people groups, trekking ministry, anti-trafficking ministry, feeding programs, prayer ministry and more!

My name is Joanne Hoffmann and I am a Christian woman from Muskoka Ontario, Canada.

I love Jesus Christ and am passionate about 

walking alongside others to help them see the love God has for them.

I have a degree in illustration and am a freelance illustrator. I love playing ukelele, baking and going on big adventures. 

How to Donate

If you are willing and able to support me financially,

please click one of the options below:

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Canadian donation instructions are below


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Canadian Donations


Since the world race is an organization in the United States, they have set up a different donation method so that Canadians can receive a charitable tax receipt when they donate. In order to be eligible, please follow the steps below to make your donation(s):

1.  Send your donation as an e-transfer to

2. Send a follow-up email to and please include:

• Your name (first and last name)

• Your complete address (so that I may send you a thank you card)

• My name (Joanne Hoffmann)

• My program (The World Race Expedition - August 2021)

• The password to your e-transfer

*please CC me in your email 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

Canadian Donations

If you do not wish to go through the above process, there are two other options you may do:

1.  You may donate through the USA donation page and set up a one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual gift.

2. You can send an e-transfer directly to me at, please fill in the message section letting me know it is a donation for my trip and where you would like your gift to be placed (for the trip or equipment.) I will contact you to confirm I received your donation.

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